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Mike & Patty Balloun

Mike and Patty Balloun have been pouring their lives into ministry for many years. Mike has been a born-again believer for almost 50 years and has been a teacher of the Bible for over 30 years. His teaching skills are inspired of the Lord and pointedly honest, with no schooled rhetoric or underlying motives to muddy the water of God’s Word. His powerful personal testimony, the overcoming in his life of “religious” theology/doctrines, and his depth of understanding of the Word of God is readily apparent. His willingness to be attentive to the Holy Spirit has been an enrichment to all who are fortunate to hear his messages. Both he and Patty inspire many to seek a personal more intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father, through our Advocate and coming Bridegroom Jesus Christ. Patty Balloun has been instrumental in so much of the behind the scenes aspects of this ministry. She is the backbone supporting the function of For His Glory TX. In the early years, she and Mike would open their home to the many people who would come and feast on God’s Word. She has served in various teaching roles throughout her life as a minister to women, and has accompanied Mike to various parts of the world spreading the gospel and love of Christ. Patty and Mike specifically have a heart for the people of India. They have given so much of themselves, their time, energy and finances to bless the poor and orphaned of India, and have been instrumental in the building of orphanages and churches in India throughout the last 15 years.

Who Is For His Glory Texas

Mike has ministered in many places throughout the world, in such places as India, China, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and others, even in environments hostile to the gospel. He specifically had the honor and privilege to “Go and Preach the Gospel of the Kingdom” and of holiness and Truth to literally 1,000s of pastors at various Pastors’ conferences over the last 10 years in India. This has especially been on his heart for the “prosperity gospel” has greatly spread worldwide and Mike has been sent not only to counter that message but to dispel other leavened teachings that have produced a complacent apathetic or selfish entitlement type of Church. Mike stresses accountability and the need to seek deep intimacy with the Lord from which flows the spirit of understanding and wisdom in the knowledge of Him.

Many pastors and bible college students have said they were so grateful to hear these Kingdom messages. These pastors then go out and incentivize their flocks to not be complacent in their redemption and to run the race for the prize of the high calling, no matter the persecution they face in that part of the world for the hope of the heavenly calling.

For many years Mike taught on the weekly Torah portions and expounded on the significance of the Torah, which is commonly misconstrued by many to mean the “Law” or “Books of the Law”, (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy), when, in fact, Torah actually means “Teachings” or “Instruction” of God. Mike’s messages are to Christian believers in Yahweh, the one true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. His lessons not only emphasize understanding the scriptures from their original Hebraic origin and context, but they teach us how to apply the truths from Genesis to Revelation in our everyday lives. As Christians, studying the foundation of “Hebraic” understanding is key to discovering how seamlessly the Torah relates to the “Christian” New Testament. It is key to understanding the antitypes for all of the types and shadows found in the “Old Testament”. Contrary to many theologies today in the Christian faith, the “Old” Testament is not done away with. The New Covenant writings are actually brought into full light when placed in context with the teachings and instructions of the Torah as well as the entire “Old” Covenant writings. The New Testament teachings of the Apostles, and of the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ (Yeshua/Yahshua in Hebrew), all expounded on the Torah and all the Old Testament writings. Yahshua was and is the embodiment of the Torah, the Word became flesh and lived a perfect sinless life according to God’s teachings and instructions to the Israelites in the Torah. As testament to this, the Torah is filled with beautiful types and shadows of our Messiah and His Kingdom that could have only been orchestrated by our wondrous all-knowing God. As you listen to and study these Torah lessons, it is quickly realized that the New Testament was the “mystery” hidden in the Old, and the Old Testament is simply “revealed” in the New Testament.

The last few years, Mike has been expounding upon what the Lord has been revealing to him, such as the Heavenly Kingdom, and the First Resurrection, the Rapture, what the Blood cannot do, and where the soul goes upon death. Those are some of the interests he has been sharing lately in the Word of God. Mike has also been specifically focusing on urging believers to walk in yielded intimacy with the Father and to awaken us in these end times to be prepared to meet our Bridegroom. For our coming King is looking for a pure and spotless Bride who walks in faith energized by love, who is faithful, and is conformed to His image and worthy of ruling and reigning with Him in His future Millennial Kingdom.

The church of today has lost its salty taste. Many Christians have become slothful, asleep, worldly, and presumptuous. The cheap grace message has leavened much of Christendom and no emphasis is placed on fighting the sin in our lives or on bearing fruit pleasing to God as believers. These messages will not tickle your ears, but will spur you on to maturity and sanctification and deepen your understanding of God’s salvation plan. Christ urged his followers to be watchful and alert and ready. We need to allow the Word to show us the exceedingly sinfulness of our sin so that we will cry out for the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit to empower us to fight our flesh and to walk out this love walk.

So much of Christian teaching is about getting people “saved”, but Mike talks about how we are “redeemed for a purpose”. His messages encourage believers to not rest but to war in this spiritual battle against the enemy and against our own flesh that would keep us from inheriting all that God has for those who overcome. He exhorts all believers to not be satisfied with being children of God, but to war for the privilege of being called First-born sons of God who are rewarded with the double portion inheritance.

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