Let me first summarize the main truths to be presented.

1. Creation and Re-Creation…
2. Our Creation make-up as a Living Soul…. spirit, soul and body
3. Man’s Fall and The Curse of God and His Promise of Salvation.
4. Eternal life, secured by the Believer in Jesus Christ’s offering to God
for him and is the assurance of escape from eternal death. The basis of which is the Father’s love of the World, and the Son’s completed work on His behalf.  Now born-again by the Holy Ghost, the man, moves from being condemned under the Wrath and Judgment of God to a redeemed child of God. This new standing, in forgiveness and cleansing from inherent sin, is not subject ever to loss, as it is a gift.
5. Sin and its Eternal Death consequence having been dealt with in the  spirit rebirth, and eternal life secured as a gift, yet the Sin Nature or carnal flesh is allowed to remain. The Sin Nature appears first in thought, and once conceived manifest in word and action.  These sins of the Believer, need forgiveness with heart felt confession, often frequently repeated.
The Father looks now for good fruits from all those in Christ.  He chastens His children according to their specific behavior, for their profit, and with a sharing in His Holiness in view. He even removes  from earth some for their failings. The believer also should judge himself, that he may escape judgment from the Lord. The church is also instructed to discipline those exposed in open immorality.
6.  The Father had predetermined a greater and further purpose for those who receive the redemptive gift of eternal life offered in His Son, an object of greater hope, the greater part of the calling in His Son, that being eternal glory typed in first-born son-ship…. Bride-ship and additionally Co-Ruler in the millennial kingdom.
That it is to be sought and fought for was decided by The Fathers own council and must be obtained through loving and abiding obedient faithfulness with good works.  The Lord in the day of our judgment, in the time of our resurrection/or catching away, be it in the first or second, will decide who shall possess this prize.  Some Believers will be excluded, some will enter in.
7. The corresponding truth of the “salvation of the soul” is the necessary understanding to correctly interpret Scripture. Faulty understanding has resulted in false doctrines.
8. The Kingdom of Heavens Mystery… with the intermediate state of the dead.
The Judgment Seat of Christ / The Gift and the Prize / The First and Second Resurrections / First Fruits, The Tribulation,  and the Harvest / 2nd Coming and Millennial Reign of Jesus.

The present understanding of Christendom has been improperly aligned with the past and future …And when a person begins to look at the New Testament Scriptures especially the epistles, this has to be kept in mind, for these epistles must all rest on the foundational framework understanding which God presents to us in the Book of Genesis.   Our understanding must first be through the eyes of seeing God revealing the end from the beginning in working six days, to bring about the restoration of a previously ruined creation now corresponds to six thousand years of working, or 6 Day period, that translates to our ruined recreation. With a corresponding view to God resting on the seventh day, that reveals the seventh one-thousand-year period (following the completion of His 6 days of re-work) as that period finalizing, the restoration of all things Acts 13:21.

This Properly understood there is a harmonious and clear line from Re-Creation through Adam and Eve, Israel, the Old Covenant, Moses, all the prophets, the Messiah, His rejection by Israel, the New Covenant and its “mysterious kingdom of heavens message” (Matt 13:11) …now being offered to a New Nation (Matt 21:43) that new Creation (Eph2:15)/Christians, and with the future restoration of Israel (Zech13:1) all having the 7th Day in view (Rev 20:6).

The mysterious message of the “Kingdom of heavens” is shadowed in the OC, involved Israel, was introduced in the gospel’s by Jesus Christ (Matt 13:11), further understood in the book of Acts, and finally revealed in the epistles mainly by Paul, mentioned at least 5 times alone in the book of Ephesians.