Realizing the Fullness of the Atonement of Christ in Two Justices Met in Forgiveness

The New Covenant states “For it is not possible that the blood of bulls and of goats should take away sins.” Although they may make atonement and cleanse the flesh (Hebrews 9&10, with Ezekiel 45&46) innocent animals are neither the offended nor the offender, so then thereby the Justice of the Law may not be fully satisfied. (So someone asks how and why then are they required in sacrifice in the Millennial Age? The Millennial Age on the earth will again look to the Mosaic Law adjusted to the Millennial Age. The Age will be absent of our Enemy but shall still have sin and the flesh upon the earth, but shall be ruled with the Rod of Iron…. (Revelation 2:26,27; 12:5) Subsequently, it shall be known as the Age of Justice. Justice swiftly served for wrong-doing and right-doing, without the NC dynamic of faith motivated by love, with works of suffering for wronged sake, with its power to purge the soul through the spirit/Spirit with enlivened conscience as is in the present Age of Mercy and Grace for the calling out of that joint-ruling Bride.

Regeneration is the evidence of the exchange of ownership preceded by a blood offering. A human must seek forgiveness of his self-centered sin, with the curse of death, against God his Creator, admitting God’s right of ownership, that is man’s internal sacrifice… that in order to receive God’s forgiving provision for him by satisfying The Laws demand of Justice… and that then externally being…life for life soul for soul. This “life for life and blood for blood” has to do with meeting the Law’s demand in the first Justice of ownership/relationship., in the NC Law, His only begotten Son, The Lamb of God.
The means to man’s gift of eternal life in either Covenant. The loss of innocent animals’ lives and the pouring out of their blood in the OC, and the by far greater suffering loss of His only Begotten Son’s life and Blood, with greatest of efficacy in the offering of the NC.

Man’s meeting of the first Justice, that of the eternal life gift that is not based upon his walking in extended forgiveness towards man, (which is a process)… but God’s Atonement provision for that purpose being an event. A blood/Blood and soul/Soul provision to meet Justice in the Law of sin and death on a basic level in either Covenant.

God is calling the NC regenerated man out further, through the additional and greater efficacy in the NC offering. He, having been willing to give up the suffered even greater wrong against Him, if we are willing to give up now not only right of ownership, but lordship of ourselves and receive His further (work of a 2nd Justice that only the Son of God/ as the Son of Man’s sacrifice could satisfy) sanctifying forgiveness by means of suffering in obedience in harmony with His innocent Son’s willing offering unto His own death (an offering that an animal was incapable of), through which He then obtained the right to all Judgment and forgiveness.

The 2nd Justice then requires an additional righteousness in order to meet its demand. For man, in his extending forgiveness, is the sacrifice/offering for further and greater atonement in fellowship, that beyond mere relationship.

Each time forgiveness is extended, there is a corresponding offense willing to be suffered. The suffering of loss of peace in the soul, limb, damaged reputation, financial, pride, ownership, some type of loss is incurred by someone; that then becomes the sacrifice (offering) for atonement (fellowship). The offering/sacrifice of the individual expressing his faith in Christ then becomes the sanctifying atonement unto God. “But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses” …in that if we do not forgive.… God has no means by which He may extend His Son’s Atonement mercy and grace as it relates to the 2nd demand of Justice unto Joint Heir-ship/the first born inheritance.

There is no forgiveness for sin without an offering for atonement/Atonement. Every act of forgiveness is an act of substitution. Whereby he who is sinned against, being innocent, willingly substitutes himself and thereby becomes the willing bearer of the consequences of the sin, from which, by doing so, he relieves the guilty person.

Forgiveness is a Trait of God. Man extending the God-like forgiveness is then to him a great virtue with promise of reward. Christ, being murdered, said: “Forgive them Father….” The Murdered, willing to be the Sacrifice for another’s sin, substitutes Himself for the guilty. Stephen repeats the extreme act exampled in Christ… and by virtue of suffering willingly, and then forgiving. Christ obtained the power to forgive as Stephen, albeit on a smaller scale.

How important every suffered offense/sin should be met with the great foresight of forgiveness in order that Christ’s influence upon our heart be wrought. NO LONGER AN EYE FOR AN EYE, A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH… WE LIVE NOT IN THE DISPENSATION OF THE LAW OF MOSES… BUT IN THE DISPENSATION OF CHRIST, SUFFERING OFFENSE IN MERCY AND GRACE.

Christ’s Atonement is met in all who accept Him in His redeeming power, becoming His eternal offspring and therefore receive of Him forgiveness unto eternal life. But only His eternal glory, that accompanies His eternal character, is accomplished in those who then FOLLOW HIM, BY KEEPING HIS COMMANDMENTS AND they themselves forgive from the heart. For to forgive is to suffer and die to self…and live unto Christ, becoming like Him, as the light He shone is reflected in those who so act.

Atonement is about putting together again a relationship that sin has affected. Only the offended party may forgive. The Law (BOTH OLD AND NEW COVENANT) is not first about punishment for sin, but is first about a price that must be paid for atonement.

Suffering always accompanies sin, but that law of suffering (OC or NC) is not aimed at the sinner as much as the one who has been sinned against. IN THE FIRST JUSTICE, GOD, who receives all the glory for all the suffering, AND IN THE SECOND JUSTICE, man also willingly suffering, God then determines to share His glory.

God has never sinned…but He has suffered much, and that to His glory. When we willingly forgive we enter into His Sufferings. The Laws of the NC (being extended to His children whom He promises to never leave or forsake regardless) have in the greatest view those sufferings that perfect His children into first born sons….not to punish wrong doers.
The Law extends no mercy (OC and NC)…only justice (sowing and reaping). Atonement provides a means or avenue for mercy that satisfies justice.

The Law of sin and death is pronounced over the World. Justice is and will be accomplished. It will not be denied or circumvented. The unregenerate sinner is eternally condemned to the Lake of Fire. The unrelenting Christian will be saved from the eternal lake of fire through the first Justice satisfied by Christ’s Blood, life for life soul for soul….but having not satisfied the 2nd Justice by works of obedience, shall be punished accordingly and suffer the loss of glory.

Forgiveness has nothing to do with Justice. Forgiveness has only to do with mercy… and someone must suffer offense in order that mercy may be extended.
Christians, having been forgiven and receiving mercy, obtain eternal life… and must now forgive/suffer to receive mercy and obtain eternal glory. Without forgiveness, we deny the Character of Christ, and exclude ourselves from the prize of eternal glory.

It is morally and spiritually right for the innocent to choose to suffer for the guilty (an essential in satisfying the 2nd justice – that of qualifying for glory). On the one hand, atoning for the guilty by receiving power to willingly forgive as the one offended… thereby relieving the penalty and satisfying justice. And on the other, advancing in the Kingdom of Christ and obtaining favor and securing future glory through the law of suffering in forgiveness extended in Christ… all glorifying God.