New Covenant Application of Passover[John 6]


Behold the lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the WORLD…..The entire World is “Egypt” to God. Let us come out of Egypt, let us not remain under Moses in the wilderness, nor go into Rome, but strive to enter into the promised Millennial Kingdom of Jesus the Christ.


Unless you drink of my blood, and eat of my flesh you have not life in yourselves….My flesh is true food and my blood is true drink.” [John 6:53-55]

Many New Covenant Believers are reverting to or holding onto Old Covenant applications TO THE DECREMENT, THE DIMINISHMENT OF THE New Covenant APPLICATION. Misunderstanding in Messianic fulfillment/meaning misguides many by trying to direct Christians back into Jewish observances and applications in order to receive the blessings of God….which are to be found exclusively by the Believer in the New Covenant (NC) applications. Redirecting Christians as if those Old Covenant (OC) Words were not completely filled with their full meanings and the spiritual significance completely realized in Jesus’ Atonement and that there is still want of OC ritual and observance sanctioned by God in favor or righteousness. (Contrary to NC Truth Colossians 2:16-23; 1Corinthians 5:7,8)

They have not rightly discerned the Word in understanding what Jesus Christ did by filling the OC “Words” with their complete meaning and superseding them with His own, and what then the greater applications. No greater example of this is the misdirection or slight of hand in the using of the OC Passover Lamb and its blood and flesh. Many Messianic Congregations correctly interpret its shadowing to a titillating degree, thereby elevating the OC into some form of reality where it is not intended to be but a shadowing. Once the unlearned Christian hears the meaningful instruction and richness never heard, they are primed for wrong instruction in the Law’s current significance and miss-application.

Instead of understanding and amplifying the NC of Jesus Christ and Him filling it with meaning as “The Lamb of God” to the Whole World, they wrongly emphasize OC, keeping laws and doctrines mainly within the confines of the OC. “Shadowing” is used to establish or bolster the OC Mosaic Law, filtering the NC through the foggy glasses of Moses instead of seeing the OC Law through the clear glass of Jesus Christ’s Words and actions. We should understand what God, in the Law of Moses, said to Israel – ‘You have a certain life now, but it is a life under sentence of death.  That life you wish to retain, and to enjoy in the new Eden to which you are called. Then this is the way to retain and sustain that life, and to enjoy it. Meditate upon My goodness, My promises of the land, and the marvelous deliverance out of Egypt which I wrought, and My great goodness to you and to your fathers in bringing you into this good land. Be obedient to My every word and command here given. [Deuteronomy 6: 4-9; 5: 32, 33; 16: 20] Keep these commands, and in them you shall live

By this then, the Law, they are thrown on the power of obedience, the power of yourself. You are to prove by your constant love to Me, your Benefactor and God, and to the other members of My redeemed, that you are not like your disobedient and ungrateful father Adam. Keep these commands in perfection of love to Me, and to your neighbour; and ‘in keeping of them you shall live’. [Nehemiah 9: 29; Leviticus 18: 5] But this new test and trial only proved man’s inability to win for himself the state of a “son-ship” fit for His inheritance, by his obedience. The Law, which proposed life on obedience, cut short life on disobedience; and did not even permit multitudes of the redeemed people to see the land of promise! They found out that the Law of Moses applied to the sinful, brought death!



Leviticus 7, Genesis 9, Deuteronomy 12:23…. The blood was the life given by God and was offered up on the Altar unto Him. It is made clear that any circumcised believer who drinks the blood of the Passover Lamb or any other blood is to be cut off from Israel. The Lord commands something perceived contrary to the Law, but is actually an application of the Law on a higher level thus forever filling it with its higher true meaning. This does not sanction drinking blood but raises the understanding unto a higher plane that its true meaning might be applied on a spiritual level. Effectively, the NC Passover Lamb, for this Age, abolishes (formally puts an end to a system, practice, or institution) the OC application of the blood and flesh of ALL the works and OC offerings.

Mainstream Christendom emphasizes the Blood and God’s “Love”, denying the need for the eating of the Flesh of Christ’s Works. Many Messianic Congregations receive the Blood Atonement of Christ and then mix it with the Severe bread of the works of the Law of Moses. The Passover Lamb of the OC was the savior given to the circumcised of Israel. They took of its blood and applied it to the doors of their houses and then ate of its flesh leaving nothing to the next day. The blood is the earthly creature’s life. That life was taken and given for another. It  was representative of the Savior for not just the circumcised, but for the WORLD.

The OC Appointed times of God, Passover (as well as First Fruits, Unleavened Bread, Pentecost, Trumpets, Day of Atonement, and Tabernacles, He filled with meaning in Jesus/Yahshua), doing away with the OC application by superseding it with His Own Blood application for which it had in view. Now all, not just the circumcised, but all of the World, may and must drink of His Blood, His life (as here also, so has circumcision been filled with meaning), or they have not “saved eternal” Life within them. The Law required the taking of the life, and that by violence and not by some other form of natural death, so was it required of our Savior. And so it was that His Blood was willingly given but violently taken, and then offered up to God’s Holy Altar. Now we may partake of His Blood in eternal redemption and flesh (His Words and Actions, the Manna in the wilderness which are after the blood and after the baptism), for sanctifying sustenance for our hard journey through life’s wilderness unto the Promised Land of His heavenly kingdom to be established for His Bride within the atmosphere of Millennial Earth. What is clearly shown in the OC Passover is that neither the Jew under the Law nor the Gentile without, could/can “save” themselves. The drinking of His Blood and eating His slain Flesh implies faith in Jesus as Messiah, the Lamb of God slain for sin; slain for our sin.

While He remained alive He was/could/would have been the Great Jewish Messiah, the Great intermediary between God and circumcised man. He could of kept those who kept the Law of Moses, He could of saved them from the Wrath of God’s Judgment upon the uncircumcised, He could of established an eternal “Earthly Kingdom” based upon His sinlessness, He would of never died, but His subjects would have died, albeit after very long lives, having had the atonement of the blood of innocent animals to cleanse their corrupted flesh, along with the perfect intercession of Their GREAT HIGH PRIEST. (A glimpse here may be had into the coming Age dynamic wherein Israel’s restored preeminence with the Temple and offerings in the above like circumstances might be seen, the understanding by what means “…the death of an hundred year old will be seen as someone who had died in their youth.”) [Isaiah 65:20]

Abraham’s Bosom, Earths removed Paradise, would have been perpetually populated by those who passed from His care upon the Earth into that place within the belly of the Earth. And so it would have been. Without His/the Lamb’s Death and Resurrection, He would have never been able to elevate His followers, as the Messiah of Israel, into that state and realm of “first born Sons” of God. All then His, as that “conquering” Messiah only (that which Israel was/is looking for), would have been, although partakers in His Earthly Kingdom and the recipients of the beneficial cleansing effects of the Mosaic ritual, yet were doomed woefully short of His gracious purposes, there having been no blood letting with violent death, thereby they would have been unable to “….drink of His Blood and eat of His Flesh,” and therefore would have been relegated to the realm of the earthly eternally, excluded from the heavenly spiritual realm.

The severity of sin and the curse of death is obscured by the religious mind, that wrongly interprets that the drinking of the Blood in Scripture guarantees & gives away “Heaven”(s), which is reserved for the sanctified only by the additional eating of His Flesh, to the unsanctified. Confusing the promises of God to the holy, as those naturally obtained to by the Blood only. The heavenly realm is not the natural place wherein the dead pass, as no dead humans, which is the sign of the Curse of God, may enter. Death must be eliminated, all traces of death. Being born again, where the Blood does its primary Work, does not remove all the taint of death. Neither does dying nor passing away from the earth’s surface remove the leaven of death neither to body or the soul. God delineates the blood from the flesh by the clearly seen Truth in the revelation of His Word. Without blood, the living being of material earth dies, as experienced here in the seen Earthly realm, which is but a reflection of what happens/happened in the unseen realm. Without the blood’s corresponding anti-type, that is the force of “Life”, then in like or typed manner, blood to living soul, in the Spirit realm, the Spirit without LIFE death occurs. As He has separated blood and flesh to distinguish life from death, that is to say the natural and good state of life is as blood and flesh remain united in harmony, He had originally established its reality of which it speaks within the spirit realm. God Life and created life; the harmony of which satan through self pride lost, the terminal wound that God LIFE flowed out of until such time he was declared utterly “dead” woefully, irreconcilably, a state separated forever from God Life. As then, and presumably now, a spirit being gives up Life for (self) life and they die. And the life satan now lives is a life separate from God’s Life, a state declared LIFE-less, and in his case eternal death, never to be filled with LIFE again.

“In the day thou eatest thereof thou shalt die.” Similarly then did Adam die, giving up the Life that infused, a eternal quickening force, Adam the living Soul, gave up his powerfully influential “spirit” that was fed daily, for sustenance, in the cool of the evening, and in his rebellion, he chose rather to feed his body and spirit with forbidden earthly carnal matter, the Tree of carnal knowledge he willingly ate. Thereby he received the just curse; the Life giving “spirit” for perpetuation in eternal sustenance by fellowship was lost, and that now he would sweat and toil for food to eat (it’s also now cursed) in the perpetuation of a meager carnal “life”  to sustain himself, and that but for a short time. (Here we should get a clearer understanding of fasting this earth’s food. Fasting is also like the Lord’s Supper a memorial, a reminder of the fall and death of the spirit in our choice for the carnal meat, will remind us to the command of setting our mind on things above, on cooperating with the enlivened spirit. (Romans 8:1-5) Minding is dieting. Thereby we see more clearly Christ’s deeper analogies, that of bringing THIS LIFE to bear upon our entire being is to deny self power and crucify the carnal flesh. As that abundant LIFE flowed quickly from Adam’s spirit from the fatal wound of rebellion, his death came in one day, till he was but a shell of himself, his spirit now LIFE-less and body following and falling incontinent from the dwindling residual force, from near a 1000 years to now but 70.

“….beholding God’s manifold Wisdom.” As His shed Blood confounded and sealed satan’s just fate, “…had he known he would not killed the Lord of Glory.” (1Corinthians 2:8) But mercifully for man, through that same Blood God extended the Gift of persuasion (Romans 4:21) by His Holy Spirit, man once having been persuaded in the hope of atonement (this resulting in the marvelous CREATION OF FAITH) the antidote is applied, bringing again Creators LIFE unto the atrophied spirit.

IT IS AS IF HE HAS NOW SAID, ….In the day thou eatest OF THE TREE OF LIFE thou shalt LIVE…OR IN THE LIKE…YOU MUST GO TO JOSEPH FOR THE CORN OF LIFE….This is the new limited quickening of Life in justification to a previously dead spirit and the cleansing of the flesh first experienced by Adam through faith and the blood and death of the innocent animal. This then is God’s declaration for remission of sin; of soul for soul and blood for blood.  These OC shadows had Jesus Christ’s Greater Atonement of Blood and Flesh and its corresponding efficacy *Power unto…. ABUNDANT LIFE! That greater power capable unto purging of the carnal soul unto a mature New Creation, that of a glorified “son”. In future view… [Hebrews 9:13,14 with John 10:10, and Hebrews 2:10]

(*Note again: See the partial repeal of the Garden’s Curse, in super- natural provision,  a type of greater meaning found in Acts 1, filling God’s Appointed time of Pentecost with meaning and eternally changing its greater significance in NC  teaching and understanding).

To continue to eat and drink of Jesus Christ now manifest is the hunger and thirst of FAITH (created/cometh) in Him, an acquired taste due to exercising by “hearing”, its full growth realized in the First Resurrection. PARTICIPATION IN Resurrection power/Life after the Blood has been removed purges the soul from satan’s self life/death as similarly light does darkness. LIFE/Power is extended to those who are continually eating of His Flesh in HIM by dying to the death/(self-life) attempting to rule within. This is eating of His Flesh, the only way for the living to purge, that is to say building equity in their house that they will realize when they sell it (die), offer it so to speak at the Judgment Seat. That Life in His Blood, that comes with the drinking, is not human life but supernatural Life, a power that carries man out of the ordinary, natural condition that his fallen state is forever relegated to, into the realm off limits forever to those who refuse to drink, that realm in which only the spotless may enter washed in the Blood of the Lamb!

These and other truths then is set forth to us in emblem in the Lords Supper.  There, we are shown to be the men of faith accepting (in perfect contrast to Israel), a slain Messiah …..both our Passover through His Blood and the removal of the Leaven by His Spirit presence in the Power of the yielded resurrected Life.

The Lord’s Supper is a reminder of what He has accomplished. He has been put into Ruler-ship over all Heavenly, Earthly and under the Earth. And a fearful reminder unto us to choose “Life”….for the continued work within our soul of the Blood and Flesh of Jesus Christ. The Lord’s Supper we now partake of.

Our Lord speaks of flesh and blood; the one to be eaten, and the other to be drank by His disciples.  So then answerably, the Supper presents us with two objects,  the wine and the bread. The Blood offered at the Altar, and the Flesh partaken after the washing of the hands and feet and to be eaten afterwards in fellowship of the Holy Place. And at the Institution of the Supper, (which replaces to us the Old  Passover), He says – ‘Take, eat, this is My body.  And again Drink ye all of this, for this is My blood of the New Covenant, which is being shed for many unto the remission of sins.’