It sickens and saddens the heart of the enlightened and sincere Christian to see the mockery of Jesus Christ….. Not the mockery of the unbelieving Jew or Muslim or Hindu. That should be expected… but it is the darkened mind and unwitting mockery within those many who are born again believers in Jesus Christ that are cheering on the adversaries of Christ; promoting a contrary message of Jesus.
It is the mockery of the Spirit infilling; the mockery of cheap grace; the mockery of Christian antics and gizmos; the mockery of God’s blessing in the prosperity message. It is the religious mockery of mixing heathenism into Christian worship and ritual. It is the mockery of God in the ever increasing removal of all that is salt and light in the World and replacing it with lust-filled commerce… the hidden mystery of the heavenly kingdom of the anti-christ; the changing of thinking naturally influenced by God upon the earth secretly; man’s opinions quietly being formed in the government chambers of the nations; as the serpent whispers in the ear the doctrines of the anti-christ; where now gradually Romanism, Protestantism, Mohammedanism, and the like are uniting with secular Governments. [Rev 17,18] This mixing, strictly prohibited by God, is the filling of the cup of abominations and is sweet to the taste of those in the World, but the Tribulation will be upon them…. [Is this not the lead lid lifted off the ephah and its encapsulated Woman the same as the Harlot of Revelation? Is this not the unveiling of the scroll in Zech 5 which has in view Revelation 22:10,11 with the closing of the door? “… the hour now draweth near, when it will be finally said, he that is unrighteous let him be unrighteous still.”]

Here lies the greatest danger, spelled out clearly in Scripture, to the latter day sincere Christian, that this new mysterious Worldly spirit, increasingly forming over the last 100 yrs, has its corrupting influence upon him and robs him of his rightful inheritance. It is just here we should comprehend the Words of Christ warning His latter day followers to “….remember Lot’s wife.” That though she escaped the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, representative of eternal death… she suffered the judgment of having not been an influence for God, but being influenced by the World of sin until her soul cleaved unto it, and as a result she was turned into that which she should have been while alive, a pillar of salt.
Now note God is glorified in His justice, in that she could have glorified Him while she was alive and escaped the judgment reflective in her death… but as it is – God is extracting all that is due Him in her present warning testimony to all followers of Jesus Christ…. “beware of syncretism reasoning.” This is the amalgamation, or attempted amalgamation, of different religions, cultures, or schools of thought.
“Reasoning,” being shaped by the god of this evil World, is the present strong delusion, and it is the great danger a Christian is now faced with and must reject in the face of great opposition from popular opinion… and follow the Voice that is capacitating us for reigning.

Note: A corresponding thought with Lot’s wife: If you are a Christian who does not the deed presented by the World, but is yet “entertained” by it… let it be understood that we shall be guilty of the deed and suffer with the unbeliever the like judgment. How is it that we think we shall escape what we judge the World worthy of if we willingly engage in it ourselves?

We should know indelibly how these Scriptural truths tie together. For in them we shall find an end time purifying and keeping power… knowing what THE KINGDOM OF CHRIST is… The 1000 year reign of Christ in His Kingdom over the earth…. This is not heaven. This is not eternal, but a period of time designated for reward and punishment… a time of righteousness in peace.
THIS IS THE FIRST RESURRECTION FROM AMONG THE DEAD and Rapture from among the living. This is the reward and result of faithful service and fruitfulness after a regenerated believer receives the gift of eternal life and is either attained or lost at THE JUDGMENT SEAT of Christ.
THE JUDGMENT SEAT OF CHRIST and its punishments are not for the determining of eternal life, for only those who have received eternal life may stand before Him to be judged… for worthiness to reign with Him and have a part in His Millennial Kingdom or…