We should not have a romantic type view of current Israel, in that we have had idealized views of their reality.
Deuteronomy 31 and 32. At the close of the life of Moses, he spoke to times in distant future- that is, in the same period, about the same future period that Balaam spoke of “the latter days”Numbers 24:14-17 with Book of Revelations 2:27,28 and last of chapter 19.
This song given by God to Moses to teach to Israel was begun by an identical reference to those End Times: “I know that evil will befall you in the latter days” (31: 29).
The song recites their Call as that people who were Called out from among the Nations, then a word about their early prosperity, then their apostasy and punishment, and shortly (32: 29) there comes the all-knowing words of, “Oh, that they would consider their latter end,” That latter end now understood to have its beginning about 2 thousand years ago with Titus in 70AD and ending in this same dispensation we are now living. And then the song passes at once to the end time when Yahweh shall hear their cry and return Himself in favor to whom His promises were first appointed, having its root beginning from that Day in the Garden seen in Gen 3:15 and The Seed/seed of promise…. (vs 36,43) He shall in the end judge them severely and then their Gentile enemies most terribly to whom they were given up Rev 19, and as a final result …all Nations shall rejoice with His people Israel Gen 18:18 Deut 32:43. And that Messianic Atonement, shall now be finally received and made manifest, as He leaves The Holiest of Places and Returns for His land and for His people. This is the Age when that Irrevocable Promise to Abraham’s Seed/seed shall finally be fully accomplished Gen 22:16-18 Rev 20:4-6.

Luke 24:25-27
It is Divinely important that the final Destiny of Israel be understood ….from several critical perspectives, that is on both the physical plane (mixed with spiritual principles) and the spiritual plane.
Some get some….but few care to get a full understanding of the entire Plan of Salvation of man by God revealed in the Destiny of Israel. Actually most of Modern day Christendom knows very little about The Revelation of His Salvation Plan through the Prophets of Israel and with the critical types of the Old Covenant. Satisfied with the modern day Christian pablum of Scriptural understanding.

We should already have these Truths established ……Some have gotten this..
1) That is to understand  physical Israel is the spiritual First Born son and Wayward wife of God and shall be restored at the end of The Tribulation/Jacobs Trouble spoken of by Jeremiah 30:7, wherein they will suffer the greatest persecutions of all times, frightfully depicted in the Prophets, the Gospels and the Book of Revelations.
Events during this time will revolve around Israel and the nations, with Israel occupying center-stage.
This will be the time when the final seven years of Daniel’s Seventy-Week prophecy will be fulfilled (Dan. 9:24-27), completing a prophecy which began to be fulfilled about 2500 years ago with the first Diaspora but was interrupted seven years short of completion about 2,000 years ago, at the time of Christ’s rejection and crucifixion.
The Tribulation/Jacobs trouble period comprises the fulfillment of the last seven years of the previous dispensation.

This will be the prophesied time of the manifestation of God’s Wrath upon the earth-dwellers at the end of Man’s Day (the 6th ) and the Jewish people during this time, who are scattered among the nations and are the central focus of God’s wrath, will be brought into such dire straits that, to effect deliverance, they will be left without a choice other than to turn to and call upon the God of their fathers (as seen in the type in the Book of Exodus, preceding the deliverance under Moses [Ex. 1:8-3:10]).
God will use the judgments of the Tribulation (Rev Ch 6 -18) — judgments which will reach a severity unparalleled in man’s history (Matt. 24:21, 22) — to bring Israel to the place of repentance.
And then with the Second Coming of Christ He executes His Just Vengeance upon the Gentile Nations Rev 19 who have come in destructive forces to annihilate Jews, who in their helpless state shall see, as they have not seen before, that is Jesus as The Messiah, then will wholeheartedly repent and be then reconciled back unto God. Zech 12:10 with Chapter 14.

A few get this…….. The understanding thereof…….