The 3 Faculties of Our Spirit [Conscience, Intuition, and Communion]. Man was made with the ability to be like God in nature. This is to be holy as He is Holy. The bad news is man has fallen…. The good news is he may be regenerated and may yet become like God.
Man aided by the temptation of satan tried to “become like God” by circumventing His Authority. Instead of becoming like God… knowing good and evil with the wisdom and understanding through knowledge of God… he only discovered his nakedness.
Although the Command of God was/is always there, He is no taskmaster. (Read July 19th Oswald Chambers). Not then, not now, not ever.
We are free to choose to be like God through the power of regeneration of our spirit. Walking in the Spirit/spirit is Abiding in Christ, becoming holy (spiritual wholeness or wellness) like God… that is to say to fulfill His Expectation.
By what means shall we fulfill God’s Purpose?
Through the organs/faculties of the regenerated spirit.

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