To follow up on last lesson
We want to stress again those truths…

1 When Christians say The Law has passed away, vanished, been abolished and that we are free from The Law and the ritual of Moses  and are free from its curse we should know what we are saying.
What has happened to the Old Covenant as it relates to The New Covenant the Book of Hebrews explains God having found fault with them in the Old Covenant Heb 8:8, And what was their fault? The flesh Gal 5 and Romans 7 It was not God’s fault nor the Covenant but the abuse of the Covenant by the flesh of their religious dead works. What is vanishing or that which has become obsolete Heb 8:13? Its not the Law for it is holy…just and good and will not die Romans 7… but never the less God has established a New Covenant heb10:16 doing away with the Old Covenant.
If the Law or Torah has not been done away with or abolished what has? It is the Old Covenant System of obtaining holiness through drawing nigh to God. God has established a New Covenant with the intent of fulfilling that Old Covenant Promise unto a certain holiness that of Jeremiah 31:34.

2 It is the Old Covenant System unto holiness that is now obsolete….vanished away…..abolished. Not the Law or Torah, not the Prophets or prophecy, not the Psalms of Worship nor the wisdom of Solomon, not the Historical significance of Mosaic Law and ritual, only the Old Covenant System unto holiness has been done away with.

3 The Old Covenant System and The New Covenant System can be contrasted by The Power of The Holy Spirit that is available to be brought to bear upon the old man within each Covenant… John 7:37-39 with John 14:17. The New Covenant Atonement of Christ involves the indwelling of The Holy Spirit with our yielded consciences unto holiness Romans 7 & 8 with 1John 1&2.

4 Those who walk in this New Covenant “System” unto holiness carry the Testimony of Christ… with the new law of love John 13 & 14 Galatians 5 ….and as Gentiles carry That Testimony of The Messiah as the spiritual SEED of Abraham Galatians 3.

5 Rom 11 shows us there are two groups …. Two trains running on different tracks going eventually to the same station…. or two Branches of Christ one has been broken off but with promise of being grafted back in to the tree or Kingdom of Christ….that is Israel. The second Branch is The Gentiles who have been grafted in to Christ the root and offspring of David…we as Gentiles are the spiritual seed of Abraham and are The Church. Israel the blood ancestors of Abraham have the sure Promises of The Old Covenant with the Restoration of Israel as preeminent among all Nations which will be fulfilled at the Second Coming of Yeshua The Messiah when Israel will recognize Him as Messiah be forgiven and restored and reign with Christ from Jerusalem for 1000yrs. Zech 14

6 There is a Great Tribulation Period of 7 yrs followed by The Return of The Messiah prophesied in The Bible in the Book of Daniel. That Period of time is known as the 70th week of Daniel referred to by Yeshua as the time of His Return Matt 24 with 2Thes when Israel will be restored and The Church alive and WATCHFUL will be caught up and meet with those who have died In Christ who will be resurrected.

We should know as New Covenant Participants at the core of that Covenant is its single purpose, a new creature made possible by Christ Yeshua Gal 6:15. The Heart of God is a Believers holiness / wholeness. That new creature began with a Holy Spirit Event and the process is finished by our willing participation with The Indwelling Power of The Holy Spirit Heb 10:16,17. (The Greek word for creature pertains to the idea of a proprietorship of the manufacturer to fabricate to weave, to build)

1st Corinthians 15… our condition at the time of our resurrection depends upon our condition when we fall asleep. To the extent of what we are raised in Glory depends on our depth of The Work of The Spirit/spirit while we are alive. The condition in which we are sown decides the condition in which we shall be raised. Not all that die as Christians will be resurrected at the same time in the same condition as some have supposed.  More said about this in a moment.
When Christ returns what will the earth be like? Matt 24 as in the days of Noah and in Israel continued trouble leading unto The Great Tribulation.

What will the church be like? Predominantly lukewarm. Revelations 3 with Matt24
The Bride of Christ should be filled with the Power of The Holy Spirit. Joel 2 Acts 2
The Power of The New Covenant is The Gift of The Holy Spirit… The Mandate of God in The New Covenant is to Love.