Thy Kingdom come…..Thy will be done on earth….” continuing to look into the book of Revelation.
The times of restitution of all things…
Thy Kingdom Come

[Part 3]
“And he shall send Jesus Christ, which before was preached unto you: Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began.” Acts 3

Restitution here means: re-establishment from a state of ruin.
Looking at Old Covenant and New Covenant Scripture, we are to determine the past and the future as it relates to God Bringing His Kingdom into re-establishment and our appointed personal place in it.
When we look at the book of Revelation, we as Christians are informed of future events by the words from above to John “…..Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter.”
From there we are told the amazing story of that future time appointed of Christ’s return….. with fearful judgments involving Angels and spirit beings whose destinies are clearly interwoven with our own.
The book of revelation becomes primarily the revealing of the restitution of all things from  a state of RUIN.
How did we get in the state of ruin, and where are we in relation to “…the times of restitution.” …become critical to our right spiritual understanding and approach to our personal life.
The book of “beginnings” (Genesis) gives us the outline for the state of ruin… “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Gen 1:1. This was as Peter said: “THE WORLD THAT THEN WAS” 2Pet 3:5,6.
That Creation having Scriptural testimony of being made perfect as we shall see momentarily from Ezekiel 28.

Now Genesis verse 2,3a “And the earth was (Hebrew-become) without form (waste) and (become) void (Hebrew-ruin); and darkness was upon the face of the waters. And the Spirit of God moved….” This is the beginning of “the heavens and earth which are now” 2Pet 3:7…. the 6 days of RE-CREATION with one additional day of rest.

Turning our attention now to Ezekiel 28, we see the “taking up of a lamentation” for the King of Tyre. (Lucifer) once was on the Holy Mountain of God, and walked up and down in the midst of the Stones of Fire, he who had been in Eden the garden of God.

Several spiritual truths are discerned in these verses…. one that humans are at the least, influenced, by spirit beings if not often controlled by them.
Upon the children of God comes the Spirit, that they might do His will. But additionally Scripture shows clearly if they lose their feeling of dependence upon Him, they are subject to being seized and misled by spirits of evil with fearful consequences (David being a clear example).
Here we have the human being, the King of Tyre, drunk with the spirit of satan  having entered into him. As we see in the example of Judas that at key moments of time he enters into certain willing beings and directs them in their crimes.

So it is in the book of Revelation we see the anti-type in “…the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit….” Rev 11:7, 13:1-8 16:13 17:7,8, 11-17 and finally is cast alive into a lake of fire.… 19:19,20  this the Anti-Christ, to whom the Dragon shall give his power, and his throne, and great authority… it is reasonable to surmise that this resuscitated man will be possessed, and one in kind even greater than the King of Tyre, thus a compound being a travesty of the incarnation of our Lord. This is first exampled for us in the garden of Eden…. where satan eagerly brings the Re-Creation also into ruin as he did the first creation (that of the Dinosaurs), now through the medium of the serpent. And the curse spoken there by God addresses both the beast of the field and the Devil within it with Revelation chapter 20:1-3 in view…. with Christ’s Return to Earth as King and the Serpent’s/Dragon’s head bruised, with a wound that will not heal but will manifest itself fully in verse 10 “And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.”

We learn from the Old Covenant Scriptures in this dual speaking satan’s cleverness, his creation, his appointment, his kingdom which likely includes at least the whole of our solar system.

That satan was in man’s appointed Garden is no question…. but the Eden to which Ezekiel here refers is not that Eden…for in that Eden at a far earlier date he was Lucifer where the key feature was his pavilion or covering described as being made of gold and of every precious stone. This ancient (Heavenly) Eden appears to be more like unto New Jerusalem, as both are bejeweled, than that of Adam’s garden. If we take the Word of God and look into the past pre-Adamic World picture dimly seen with Revelation 21:10…. may we not see something correspondingly relevant in the promised future habitation of those who will then be the spiritual beings of a higher order, being equal unto the Angels, the Church of the First-Born, Co-Rulers as the Bride of Christ?

And it is not difficult to imagine that as was the result of Adam’s fall he and his bride lost their covering of glory and were banned from his Eden, him and all Re-Creation now subject to the curse and death…. So eons before in like manner, Lucifer and his “bride” (fallen angels) having lost their once magnificent glory were banned from that Eden that which was more heavenly than earthly as they were living Angel spirits, …and his lesser fleshly/earthly subjects inhabiting the bountiful earth now a part of the cursed also lost their lesser covering and became disembodied spirits in the darkness and ruin of the deep waters of the first flood of Judgment. (flood of 2 Peter– not Noah’s flood). This would explain the clear difference Scripture delineates between demons and fallen angels… fallen angels being “…principalities, powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12

He, having fallen and lost much of his luster and dominion, but he yet can manifest as an Angel of Light and yet rules as the god of this World and the prince of the power of the air in his current vast kingdom of the first heaven and earth, with 1/3 of the angels fallen and minions of disembodied demon spirits.
That ancient Eden possibly still existing in the heavens, God’s Angels with flaming sword given charge that he enter not in again.

Ezekiel gives us a glimpse into the priestly Anointing of Lucifer, …as he was created to be in the presence of God in the highest rank of Heaven,  he was closest to the Throne of God (closest in proximity) leading the universe in worship, possibly the offerings then like the high priest.
Also we see in his regalia his royalty as a king with a kingdom in which he would serve as prophet representing and revealing God to those subjects. Is this not a picture of that which is to come?
Has not Christ entered into Heaven taking the place there as The High Priest before God bringing our worship and praise along with His own before the Father…. and has He not also taken up the Word of Prophet and His testimony is the very spirit of prophecy Rev19:10… and God Now “….hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son….”

So it is Scripture reveals Jesus Christ shall come/has come and will come again and restore all things satan had abused and ruined, and will hold and exercise all authority until all is restored back in order in GOD’S KINGDOM…. That is to say the office of and ministry of the HIGH PRIEST with a family in service represented by the Angels in service with him., THE PROPHET as God’s highest representative from His very presence, revealing God and His wonders to His Creation…… KING of the highest order, ruling as the Anointed Cherub over God’s Kingdom.
Jesus Christ came manifest as the Son of God / Son of Man and defeated satan in the spirit and manner only He could… and now in Resurrection Power has cleansed Heaven from satan’s defilement and victoriously assumed both The High Priest and Prophet positions….

But what of King? Yes He is King as well… but had He assumed that position when He rose from among the dead as Victor King upon the earth all mankind living, who He being incarnate now has a greater affinity with, and with whom God had in mind the giving of a spotless Bride, would have been excluded from God’s Millennial Kingdom then restored. As man’s iniquity having not been thoroughly dealt with by the Gift of the Power of the Holy Spirit in him who was then to be “saved” …thus  He would not had been able to work out that sanctification necessary in man whereby he may be found worthy as an overcomer in himself to rule and reign with Jesus Christ King of Kings, those other appointed Kings and Priests.

So he was perfect in all his ways….. until iniquity was found in him and he fell. “By the multitude of merchandise they have filled the midst of thee with violence…..” this very possibly an allusion to the times of the Anti-Christ, and the commerce that will be a prominent feature of that perilous time.

And from Anointed Cherub in all his splendor in Heaven he fell with those who had joined him in rebellion and now as the Devil, slanderer / accuser of God, he was and is relegated to his fallen ruined kingdom, the incumbent ruler, this his World that we now exist in…. now both slanderer/accuser of God to man and man to God, as in the first with Eve we see example and in the second with Job 1.

There is a dynamic change in Revelation 12 we see at the time of the catching away that is the rapture or First-Fruits offering of the Man-Child WITH the additional casting out or expulsion of the Accuser from now his heavenly realm where he rules the Earth. “Now is come the salvation and the strength, and the Kingdom of our God, and the authority of His Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.”  Now Christ is soon Coming…. the days of restitution are here and restorations are near…. Michael and His Angels have thrown him from his stronghold down to earth where very soon the Son of God shall hurl him from this earth into the depths of the Abyss for a thousand years Rev 20:1-3.

This Message with others are intended for an outline in the understanding of the Heavenly call, that is to say the Bride’s Call. That which the First Fruits and Harvest represent and point towards Rev 12 in the Man-Child and Rev 14:14-16. That of those found worthy to rule from that heavenly place where now satan rules from. It is for the understanding of those who will hear and apply their hearts to be found worthy THROUGH THE AGENCY OF THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT Eph 5:25-27 with John 7:37-39 with Matt 13:10.
“The marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready. And it was given unto her that she should array herself in fine linen, bright and pure: for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints”.